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 me at gosainkundme in langtangAAASHERPAS 


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Selected sketches of some of the many countries and Places visited 
























Selected European Sketches in UK, Germany Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Romania



(Above) Hungarian Pariament Budapest                                                         (Above) Karls Platz, Vienna, Austria



(Above) The Hofburg, Vienna                                                                                            (Above) The Belvedere, Vienna



(Above) Glass house, Shonbrun Palace, Vienna                                                                  (Above) Vienna Town Hall from near the Ring Strasse, Vienna 



(Above) Covent Garden Market, London                                                                            (Above) The Hospitalle, Venice 



(Above) Palace on the Grand Canal, Venice                                                                       (Above) Looking otward the entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice 



Sentendre, Hungary                                                                                     The old Hungarian TV Headquarters, Budapest     Piccadilly Circus, London 



 (Above) Big Ben, London                                     (Above) The interior Dome St. paul's, London   (Above) Somerset House, London 


(Above) Leadonhall Market, London                           (Above) HMS Victory, Portsmouth Harbour, UK 



(Above) The Shard, London                                                     (Above0 Sketch of Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 



(Above0 Sketch of inside the old Corn Exchange,  Leeds, Yorkshire, UK                               (Above) Sketch of Leeds City Station, Yorkshire, UK


(Above) View of Paris from tour Montpanasse                                                 Interior room in the Musee D'Orsay, Paris 


(Above) Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy                                           Arc De Triumph, Paris 


(Above) San Marco, Venice, italy                                                                  (Above) Ca' Doro, Venice, Italy  


(Above) St. Mark's Basillica, Venice, italy                                                       (Above) Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House),Paris 


(Above) Clock Tower, Venice, Italy                                      (Above) Palace interior, Venice, Italy 


(Above) The Doges Palace, Vneice, Italy                                                        (Above) View accross lake Como, Itlay 


Selected India, Nepal  and China sketches 


Selected India Sketchbooks, Amritsar, Dharmasala, Shimla, Golden Triangle, Agra,  Jaipur, Varanassi



(Above) Golden Temple, Amritsar, India                (Above) Indian Himalayan Trees                              (Above) Former Vice Regal Lodge, Shimla, India 



Above) Mahrashtra landscape at dusk, India                                                                                               (Above) Ellora Temple, India 



Landscape view near Aurangabad, India                                                         (Above) Banares, India 



(Above) Funeral Pires, Banares, India                                                                               (Above) Asia Gate, Fathipur Sikri, India 



(Above) Amber Fort, Jaipur, India                                                                                        (Above) 1911 Cafe, Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, India 



(Above) Ruins near Delhi, India                                                                                        (Above) Fathipur Sikri, India 



(Above) The Taj Mahal from the river bank, Agra, India                                                      (Above) Classic view of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India 



(Above) Taj Mahal from the Red Fort, Agra, India                                                               (Above) Taj Palace hotel, Jaipur, India 



(Above) The Trone Room, Jaipur Palace, Jaipur, India                                                          (Above) Abandoned Palace, India 




(Above) View from the hotel, Varanassi, India 



(Above) Temple complex of Khajarhoo, India                                                                                               The Great Wall of China 



Huxing Ting Tea House with the Jin Mao Tower Shanghai, China 


Selected Nepal Sketchbooks, Khatmandu, Bhaktapur, Khatmandu Valley, Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang region 



                                                       (Above) Photograph by Neil Pittaway of Mount Everest 



Other Sketches of Nepal 


(Above) Bakhtapur, Nepal                                                                                                          (Above) Swyanbanath Temple above Khatmandu, Nepal 



(Above) Temple steps, Bakhtapur, Nepal 


Selected Sketches produced on the Everest Tea House Trek, Nepal 


(Above) Lucklar, Gateway to Everest region         (Above) Mountain view from Lucklar                   (Above) Everest sketchbook title page                 (Above) The flight to Lucklar from Khatmandu 

(Above) View of Amadablam toward Tyangboche   (Above) First view of Everest                  (Above) Shrine at Namche Bazarre               (Above) View near Tengbosche 


Selected Sketches produced on the Annapurna Sancturary Trek (A Journey to Annapurna Base Camp and back), Nepal 


(Above) View of the Annapurna's near Landruk on the way to ABC Base Camp                                        (Above) Trekkers stop on the way to ABC Base Camp


(Above) View of Fishtail Mountain from Australia Camp on the way to ABC Base Camp                            (Above) Mountain near      (Above) 

                                                                                                                                                       Landruk                          Fishtail mountain from MBC Base Camp

(Above) View of the Annapurna's from Chomrong                                         (Above) Trekkers lodge at Dovan on the way to ABC Base Camp 

(Above)  View of Fishtail Mountain from Dovan                                                                                      (Above) Foothills of the Annapurans 


Selected Sketches produced on the Langtang and Gosainkund Trek, Nepal, 2015 


Middle East    

Selected Sketches from Syria 



(Above) Crac De Chevalier, Syria                                                                                                    (Above)  Crac  De Chavalier, Syria 



(Above) Sketch of the aincient ruins of Palmyra, Syria                                               (Above) Sketch of Convent in Maloulla, Syria 



(Above) Omyad Mosque Tower, Old Damascus, Syria                             (Above) The Gate of the Temple of Bel, Palmyra, Syria 


 (Above) The theatre at the aincient ruins of Pamyrya, Syria 



 (Above) Roman  Anthetheatre, Bosra, Syria                                                                         Temple of Bel, Palmyra, Syria


South America 

Peru - Inca Trail, Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu



(Above) Chinchero, Valley of the Incas, peru                                                                     (Above) Andese, Valley of the Incas, Peru 



(Above) Lost valley of the Incas, Peru                                                                               (Above) Lost Valley of the Incas, Peru 



(Above) Valley of the Incas, Peru                                                                                       (Above) View of Cusco, Peru 



(Above) Cusco, Peru                                                                                                        (Above) Dawn at Machu Picchu, Peru 



(Above) Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru                                                                                 (Above) Lake Titikaka looking towards Bolivia, Peru 



(Above) Lima with the Pacific Ocean, Peru                                                                         (Above) Hotel in the Valley of the Incas, Peru 



(Above) Larco Gold Museum, Lima, Peru                                                                             (Above) Portrait of an Inca Chief, Cusco Museum, Peru  


Machu Picchu                                      Machu Picchu 


Cusco Cathedral                                                                                                                 Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus, Cusco  


Selected sketches produced on the Inca Trail, Peru