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 Trafalgar section of Longtitude; 3rd one of nine sections, (Bottom right panel section)J Harrison's time devices,section of Longtitude; 5th one of nine sections, (central middle panel section)Longitude 





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Longitude, 189 x 256 cm, Etching and Drypoint (Edition of 20), ©Neil John Pittaway





 Key to Longitude etching

 15 Image of Greenwich, London in the  time of Charles II


Admiral Nelson’s Funeral procession on the River Thames

 16 John Harrison's H4 Time Piece which won the Longitude prize


2 South American Globe Symbolising the stable world


 17 John Harrison’s Prototype for solving  the Longitude problem 

3 Admiral Nelson being brought back on the damage HMS Victory from the Battle of Trafalgar at Gibraltar


19 HMS Bounty, Captain Cook’s Ship 

4 Shipwreck caricatures from the James Gillray shipwreck scenes


20 The 5 Continents of the world –  symbolising that Longitude was used to  map the worlds ocean 

5 Ship mast structure and 18th century lamp

 21 Satellite image of central Paris.  (These satellite images symbolise the  modern ideas of exploration now).


6 The Manhattan skyline, New York City

 22  Mechanical automata guiding ships  safely, this represents what happened  after the Longitude problem was      solved  by John Harrison


7 JMW Turner Steam ship painting symbolising the modern world and industrial power in the 19th Century 

23 The Louvre museum, Paris 

8 18th century clipper ship – ship of discovery


24 Satellite image of central London.  (These satellite images symbolise the  modern ideas of exploration now)



9 Statue of Liberty – in a beacon of light chandelier

 25 Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)  representing world time


10 The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

 26 Shipwreck caricatures from the  James Gillray shipwreck scenes

11 H4 – John Harrison’s chronometer that solved and won the prize for Longitude 


27 Royal Hospital Greenwich by Sir  Christopher Wren 

12 Industrial revolution – coal train and Lions representing strength and imperial power


28 Admiral Nelson’s Battle Victories 

13 Sir Walter Raleigh


29 Satellite image of the Millennium  Dome and the East end of London



14 Portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson

30 Captain Scott’s expedition to the  Antarctic  



The ideas and context behind Neil’s Longitude etching

The starting point for this work stemmed from Neil's interest in the visual world; it’s history and development  through creative and inventive processes, and how these have in turn shaped the modern planet we live in. Neil was and is fascinated by the history of Longitude and how it was solved by the Yorkshire 18th Century clock maker and inventor John Harrison (1693 -1776); this became the focal point for his etching 'Longitude'.